Ice Cream Cones & Ice Cream Sundries supplier Northern Ireland

Cones & Sundries

Riada NI are a Ice Cream Cones & Ice Cream Sundries supplier in Northern Ireland supplying a wide variety of Ice Cream Cones & Ice Cream Sundries in Northern Ireland and Ireland as a whole.

We offer a wide range of ice cream cones, wafers & sundries.

If you would like discuss you're requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Flavours include;

  • Small Cone
  • Large Cone
  • Large Flat Cone
  • Large Flare Cone
  • Medium Flat Cone
  • Medium Flare Cone
  • Twin Cone
  • Kiddie Cone
  • Ice Wafers
  • Oysters
  • Nougat Wafers
  • Double Fan Wafers
  • Valetto Wafer Curls
  • Waffle TallBlue Sherbet Fizz
  • Waffle TallHoneycomb Sparkle
  • Waffle TallChoc Dipped
  • Waffle TallHoneycomb Sparkle
  • Waffle Cone Large
  • Waffle Cone Tall
  • Waffle TallRed Sherbet Fizz
  • Waffle TallChoc Dipped Sugar Strands
  • Waffle Basket Tulip
  • Small Wafer
  • Large Wafer
  • Cup Cone
  • Ice Wafers Packs
  • Little Bear Teddy Top